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Need Help with Licensing, not sure what company to choose?

You are ready to start multi-state licensing, but not sure what company to choose?


* Don't just reach out to the companies on the first page of google search, that just means they have a lot of marketing money. You may miss out on other great companies that don't need to advertise so much!

* How long have they been in business? There are a lot of new software companies jumping on the Telehealth wave...but do they know what they are doing?

* Do they want you to also buy a new software in order to do the licensing? You shouldn't have to purchase things you don't need to get services. (there is no actual software that will license you, so if you see this advertised...ask questions about how it works and or helps you with licensing? All credentialing software has expirations tracking this is not a new invention)

* Do they have much experience licensing in your profession? Most commonly, their expertise may be limited to physicians only.

* Ask your colleagues who they have used and what was their experience like?

* Are they clear on what their fees are and what they include?

* If you have to talk to multiple people to get pricing and process information, then best just move on and find a licensing expert to help.

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