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BlueShift Medical Licensing - We do it BETTER! How?

Updated: Jul 22, 2023

  • Subject Matter Experts 🤓 - our industry expertise and knowledge allows us to streamline and be proactive with your information, not reactive.

  • Personalized Service 🤝 - we are committed to each client and will only take on the amount of business that allows us to fulfill services effectively and efficiently. Each provider will have their own point of contact so consistency is maintained throughout the process.

    • We do not outsource our work offshore ⛴️ like some of the larger companies. Many of whom are not informing their clients that they are sending tons of sensitive provider information overseas and outsourcing the work.

    • You will always be speaking 🗣️ with a licensing expert, no need to go through the gamut of sales teams and customer success teams who don’t actually know anything about the services they are selling.

  • Efficiency and Speed 🏃🏼‍♀️ - Faster turnaround time is achieved with BlueShift because of our organizational skills, communication efforts, and we keep up-to-date with the changes and challenges of each State Board.

  • Money Savings 💰 - on average our fees our 5% lower than other companies. However, the larger savings comes because

    • We will get you licensed efficiently and this allows your provider(s) to see patients sooner which allows for more and faster revenue.

    • We don’t waste client money 💸. Not all boards are the same, and should not be treated as such when it comes time for verifications (which can be costly!). Some companies are too large to adjust to nuance and end up spending hundreds of dollars of client money just because they don’t or can’t change their processes accordingly. Goliath was big, but not very nimble!

  • Transparent Pricing 🏷️ - we let you know exactly what our fees are up front, no surprises!

Knowledge bomb: 💣 Did you know there is no automation when it comes to medical licensing? There are software companies that state that they have automated processes, but in reality - they have just automated some internal tasks. State Boards do not allow for data sharing APIs. Applications are not filled out by AI in a matter of seconds, it is still a very manual human process.

Suggestion: If you are solely choosing a company to do your licensing because they have software, find out what it actually does.

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